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8 Authentic Ramen

Handpick and deliver 8+ unique ramen noodles each month

2 Curated Topping

Best toppings complement your ramen in the most delectable way.

Ramen Guide

Scan the QR card in your box for instant access to our Ramen Guide. Discover allergen information and easy cooking recipes for this month's ramen varieties.

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Free shipping America,Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Pleas stay tuned as we gear up to bring our delectable ramen boxes to more areas.

At the heart of ramen's allure is its soulful broth

Broth is a meticulously crafted elixir that defines the dish. Whether it's the rich depth of tonkotsu, the umami complexity of shoyu, or the fiery kick of miso, the broth is where the magic happens.

Crafted with precision and passion, our ramen selections celebrate the art of broth-making, ensuring each slurp is a journey into the soul of this beloved Japanese comfort dish.

Gourmet Ramen Servings Awaits You

Each ramen is carefully selected from various regions in Japan, allowing you to taste noodles and broth that embody local flavors. With just a few easily accessible ingredients from the supermarket, you can enjoy an authentic bowl of Japanese ramen.

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