Japanese food subcription

About Us

A Common Passion Of Us

Our diverse team, hailing from different countries and cultural backgrounds, discovered a common passion for the amazing food that Japan has to offer. As foreigners living in Japan, we were captivated by the country's rich culinary heritage and its ability to enchant taste buds from all around the world.


Born out of our culinary adventures, where we explored local markets and indulged in the richness of traditional sweets, snacks, ramen, sushi, and more.

It was during these explorations that the idea for our Japan Food Subscription Service took root. Recognizing the hidden treasure trove of flavors we had uncovered, we felt compelled to share these culinary delights with the world.


About WAnderful

WAnderful is was born—a perfect fusion of the Japanese "和", which pronameans "harmony", It founded on the belief that food has the power to connect people and transcend cultural boundaries.

We carefully curate a selection of the finest Japanese ramen noodles, sweets and snacks, sourcing them from renowned local artisans and regional specialties. From the ancient traditions of Kyoto to the bustling streets of Tokyo, our collection embodies the depth and diversity of Japan's culinary heritage.